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Welcome to Bharat Motor Parcel Service

Bharat Motor Parcel Service

The company had a humble start in1959 with 3 trucks and 10 branches. A decade after inception. Grew to 243 branches, 250 vehicles, and 4000 Total work force. The humble start of our founder has lead his own beloved brothers, , to be industrious and trust worthy at work, with workers, and the customers. Under their able guidance the evolution of Bharat motor parcel service into many branches, many routes with a strong customer-base made us to focus in entering other states. The founder’s vision was carried forward responsibly to service the customers without any measure on quality. Their conviction strongly allowed BMPS to operate in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Berhampur , and apart from Andhra Pradesh. Read More

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HYD - 9248021327
VJY - 9248062123
RJY - 9248093477
VIZ - 9248093482
RNGT - 9248056642
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Why transport with Bharat Motor Parcel Services

Having dedicated fleet numbering 250 of own trucks and about 100trucks are attached on a regular hire basis.
All own trucks are closed body and maintained in good condition.. Having own workshop for attending fabrication and repairing facilities. Man power of 4000 directly and indirectly involved.
Having branches in each and every corner of AP, Major cities in Tamilnadu,Karnataka and orissa Totally 240 Branches in South India.