About organization :

  • The company had a humble start in1959 with 3 trucks and 10 branches. A couple of decades after inception. Grew to 243 branches, 250 vehicles, and 4000 Total work force.

  • The humble start of our founder has lead his own beloved brothers, , to be industrious and trust worthy at work, with workers, and the customers.

  • Under their able guidance the evolution of Bharat motor parcel service into many branches, many routes with a strong customer-base made us to focus in entering other states.

Approved by Indian Bank Association (IBA)

  • The founder’s vision was carried forward responsibly to service the customers without any measure on quality. Their conviction strongly allowed BMPS to operate in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Berhampur , and apart from Andhra Pradesh.

  • The prosperity of the organizations as a whole and the well-being of workers along with a no-compromise in servicing the customers have been strongly initiated right from the nascent stages.

  • They have been the motivators and measuring-jars for implementing the Quality & Conviction at every step of the operations throughout. Their experiences and ideologies are considered as the direct reflections of our beloved founder. Today it is a professionally organized company with various departments that function hand in hand to ensure top customer satisfaction.

  • Total work force including every one involved directly and indirectly with the company of over 4000.

  • The company has a strict policy in giving the delivery of conginments in-time with out any delay.Any claims which are legitimate will be looked upon in resolving them according to the company policies by the concerned department.